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Academia Quran is governed by the following Terms and Conditions which is an Agreement between us (Academia Quran) and the students (Users). These terms and conditions are regarding our website, https://www.academiaquran.com and
the services we provide to our students.

Terms such as “We”, “Us”, “Our” in this Agreement refers to Academia Quran. “You” and “your”
refers to the user or students of the website.

We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on our Website. We may or may not post notices on the Website when such changes occur. All the content available in this Agreement, in our Privacy Policy, and any other terms, rules, or guidelines on our Website collectively will be our “Legal Terms.” All users explicitly and implicitly agree to follow and abide by our Legal Terms each time you access our Website and the pages related to it.

Admissions in Academia Quran

After the submission of Registration Form the Admission of the student is based on the information provided in the application form. Admitting the student in the Academia Quran is at the sole discretion of the Management of Academia Quran. If Academia Quran shall find that you have made a false statement, or have left out significant information, it reserves the right to either disqualify your application or to suspend you from applying again. The decision to reject the admission of any student shall be based on decision of the management of Academia Quran. Admission of a student can only be confirmed once Academia Quran receives the required fee for the course or if any scholarship is provided by the management. Confirmation of admission means that the chosen time slot and teacher is blocked for the respective student in the Academia. Time slot and teacher will be blocked only for paid student and he/she is expected to honor this opportunity from Allah and make wise use of it in learning The Noble Qu’ran.

Course Fee and Payment

  • All courses or program fees mentioned on our website have been derived after calculating all the expenses to run this Noble Project, which are very nominal and it is for maintaining this study portal which includes the technical expenses, salaries for staff workers and teachers and other related costs of the project.
  • Any fee payment made to Academia Quran, be it course fees or any other charges the student pay or we claim as Processing Fees is Non Refundable due to the minimal fees we charge and because refunding it will charge us cost, time and resources. However, if there is an incorrect or duplicate payment done by the student it can be refunded after review and approval from Academia Quran’s management and at sole discretion of Academia Quran, but the student or payer has to bear the cost of refund or any fees levied on us.
  • The payment is also Non Refundable in case the student decides to cancel the admission or opt out from the course in between or any time or immediately after the payment.
  • The Academia Quran reserves the right to increase the fee at any point during the course of your study. The intimation of the same will be given one month in advance to the student.
  • Every student shall pay their respective monthly fee on or before 10th of every month. Prior intimation should be given to the Academia Quran Accounts team, who wish to seek extra time from the Management.
  • Student may choose to leave the Academia Quran in any month by giving a prior notice to the Admin at least one month in advance. If the student fails to inform the Admin prior to one month and instead informs after a particular month has started, then he is obligated to pay the fee for that month in full. This is an important rule to reduce the financial losses and burden on Academia Quran.
  • Every student whose admission is confirmed, shall continue to pay the monthly fee even if he/she takes temporary break, there is no partial payment or discounts for breaks in between the month. This is because the seats in our Academy are limited and each batch has a particular capacity. Confirmation of your admission means that a seat has been blocked for you and blocking the seat as well as not paying the fee will only result in financial losses to the Academy as we need to pay the teachers for their time. As a responsible Muslim, we expect you to understand this clause well.


At Academia Quran, we expect every student to be punctual and regular to the classes. The attendance should not fall below 75% in any given month. Poor attendance will affect the Quran learning and performance of the student.

  • Student should join the class at least 2 minutes before the class start-time with all materials needed for the lesson.
  • Teacher will begin the class right at the start time. If student is not present, teacher will wait for the first 15 minutes of class. If the student does not enter the classroom within the first 15 minutes, then it is noted as an unexcused absence/no show for the student and in such a case the class will neither be compensated nor will the fees be refunded.
  • If class begins late as a result of the student, the class will be held until the end of the scheduled class time only.
  • If teacher is not in the classroom, please contact the customer support immediately so that we can address the problem promptly.
  • If the teacher is absent in the class without a substitute replacement, a make-up class will be scheduled at the student’s convenience for no additional fee. There is no refund or financial compensation paid to the student if teacher misses any classes, instead the missed class will be made up.


Although strict punctuality should be maintained, however there might be instances where student might be absent from the class due to personal reasons which Includes: Illness, Death in Family, Doctor’s Appointment, Work/School Conflict, National Holiday, Technical Issues (internet, Skype, computer issues)

Should you have a technical issue at the time of class and are unable to notify us beforehand, please email us as soon as possible so that it can be counted as an excused absence.

In such cases, the respective class will be cancelled. In no means shall this class be compensated by refunding a part of fee or by conducting additional “out of the schedule classes.” There are NO refunds for any type of absence.

The student must understand that un-scheduled circumstances might arise during their course of study and this should be dealt with understanding & patience. If student wants to reschedule a class missed by him/her then classes can be rescheduled up to maximum 2 classes per student depending upon the schedule and availability of time slots with respective teacher. However, Academia Quran is not obliged for compensating a class missed by the student and no refund will be given for the same. However, if a class is missed by the tutor from our side (Example: Tutor did not turn up or there was a technical issue from tutor’s side etc.), then we will make up the class based on mutual agreement and availability of time schedule.

Makeup classes can only be made after the class is missed and it must be rescheduled to take place within 4 weeks of the missed class.

Absence in the classes by the student will not stop the fee payment anyway. The student has to keep paying the fee until and unless the student requests to cancel the admission with a prior notice of one month. After an absence, students are not eligible for refund of fee with the excuse of not attending classes. Note that even though the student is absent and does not attend classes, his/her time slot is already booked with his/her tutor which cannot be allotted to others.

Rescheduling Lessons

Makeup lessons must be arranged within 2 weeks after the missed class and must be scheduled to take place within 4 weeks following the missed class.

If student misses the makeup session, there is no free makeup lesson or refund.

If a class is canceled by the student for any reason, any scheduled makeup sessions will be canceled as well. Make up sessions are only available for active classes. Make up classes cannot be scheduled after cancellation.

Change Of Teacher

Although we try to keep this at a minimum, in some instances, a permanent change in teacher may occur. Throughout the course, student may be assigned a new teacher, as you reach new levels.

If a student wants to change a teacher due any specific reason, then a prior notice of at least one week should be given in order to arrange another teacher for the same class. However, if the time slot is not available with any other teacher the student is required to wait and cooperate with the Academy till another teacher is arranged.

Substitute Teacher

On most instances, the administration may decide to delegate a substitute to teach for a missed lesson. The substitute will use the teacher’s same classroom and conduct the class according to the Academy's instructions for that day.

Substitute teachers are delegated for all courses except the Ijaazah Program.

If a class is canceled due to a teacher's absence for any reason, a substitute will be assigned to the class.

If no substitute is available, a make-up lesson will be scheduled for no additional fee. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Study Material

We highly recommend that every student should have his/her own copy of The Quran, the classes for recitation and memorization for Quran can be done on virtual copy of Quran or with the student’s Mushaf (copy of the Quran).

Other study materials are provided in class if required by respective teacher, however we highly recommend that you purchase your own copy of the book after discussion with the teacher for your respective course.

Digital learning materials may be provided as complimentary with some course enrollments.

Digital content may not be shared or distributed and is only accessible when a student is at that point in the class.

Behaviour and Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves as if they are in a physical and live class. In order to get the most out of your class, please pay close attention to the teacher, remove any distractions from learning area and room, sit properly, have a good headset to hear well, turn on your camera and maintain discipline.

Misconduct and misbehavior by the student towards the teacher and the management of the Academy is not at all acceptable and immediate action will be taken by the management, as a result the student might be rusticated or his admission will be terminated from the Academy on immediate basis without any refund of fees.

Teacher Student Relationship

Students and Teachers must maintain a professional relationship at all times, limiting conversation to only class studies and lessons. Students must not share any personal information or contact number with the teacher at any time. If any teacher in case asks for personal information or contact number the student should abide by this policy and immediately reject it and inform the Admin of Academia Quran. This is an Amaanah and Allaah is ever watching.

Teachers are strictly prohibited to ask the student for personal information, favors or monetary gifts/loans. In case a teacher asks the student for anything, be it money or a gift directly, the student must decline it and report to the administration immediately!

For security measures, students and teachers are prohibited to conduct classes outside of Academia Quran for any reason.

Any complaints of teachers abusing their teacher-student relationship, in any way, must be reported immediately to admin@academiaquran.com

Should a student neglect this policy, Academia Quran will take necessary action to resolve the issue with the teacher, but Academia Quran is not responsible for any loss to the student because of students’ neglect and not following the policy.

Student Support

If you have any questions or need advice about course plans, levels, or customizing your course, you can contact the student support to assist you at any time, please email the admin at the given email address admin@academiaquran.com.Class scheduling requests, change of class time or any other general requests about classes should be directed to the Admin.

Fee Policy

The course fee is billed on monthly basis for once every 4 weeks classes at the beginning of the billing period of every month i.e. 1st of each month. Payment is due for every student on the 1st of the month and if any new student is joining in between the month then they should pay for the number of weeks remaining in the month and start the fresh payment for one whole month from the 1st of the following month. If a student wants he/she can pay full fee and make up the classes for that month.

At the time of joining or any time after admission the Admin shall send a payment subscription link to every student in order to subscribe for the automatic monthly payment to avoid payment delays and follow ups. The subscription is completely safe and at any time you can unsubscribe by sending an email request to our Accounts Department at accounts@academiaquran.com . This would save a lot of time at both ends and it would help you to continue the studies without any interruptions or issues.

Classes are automatically suspended if the fee is not paid by 10th of every month. Suspended classes will be automatically reactivated after payment. If the fee is unpaid even after suspension of 4 days, the classes will be canceled until payment is received, however the admission will be active and the fees becomes due every month adding up to the dues. Once payment is received, admin will contact you to reactivate your classes.

In order for teacher to prepare and finalize classes, register the attendance and progress of the student, sessions may last up to three minutes less than scheduled, as needed by the teacher. (Ex: if the schedule is for a 30-minute session, the interactive part of the class may last 27 minutes) However the teacher will try to give full 30 minutes.

The student will receive periodic reminders after the fee is due. Should the invoice be unpaid after the due date, then the student's lessons will be suspended until payment is received. Due to many students on the waiting list for classes, suspension will likely result in the student losing their lesson time slot and/or their teacher. Lessons will resume once payment is received by the Academy.

For any classes missed between the suspension notice and resuming classes there will be no make-up classes as it is the student’s responsibility to make the fee payments on time.

If, for any reason, the student is unable to pay on time, please notify the accounts department at accounts@academiaquran.com immediately to accommodate the necessary arrangements.

There are NO refunds for missed classes, be it with or without any valid excuse. Make-up classes are offered as per the terms above.

If a student stops classes and does not wish to continue then he/she should ensure that the fee is paid for the rest of the current month and send the request for cancellation of classes. A student may choose to leave the Academy in any month. However, prior intimation must be given to the management at least 1 week in advance, before the end of the month. Only upon 1 week prior intimation before the end of the month, the student is not liable to pay the fee for the next month. If the student fails to intimate the Admin and instead informs after a particular month has started, then he/she is obligated to pay the full fee for that month. This is an important rule to reduce the financial losses and burden on the Academy.

Fee payment is sent to every student by email and it can also be found on our website in the Courses and Fee Tab. The fee is paid to Academia Quran's PayPal account (accounts@academiaquran.com) through Paypal using your Paypal credit or Credit or Debit Card on Paypal etc. Do NOT send money through any other means or accounts unless you check and confirm with our Accounts Department (which can be reached at accounts@academiaquran.com) and get their confirmation with details.

NOTE: Academia Quran reserves the right to increase the periodic fees for all students who are enrolled, however it shall be done by providing an advance notice to all students.

Money Back Guarantee

Academia Quran's 100% Money Back Guarantee allows you to try the courses and feel satisfied, if you are not satisfied, you may get your money back. This only applies if you cancel your course within the first week of classes. Any time after that, money will not be refunded for the fee paid.

The money back guarantee does not apply after the first week of classes.


All content on the website such as text, logos, images, graphics, button icons, digital downloads, data compilations, software, etc is the property of Academia Quran. It is protected by copyright laws. The course material provided is confidential and copyrighted. You may keep a copy with you and print out a copy for your personal academic use but you are not allowed to distribute it to others without consent with the Academia. All content found in the online class portal is copyrighted by and is a property of Academia Quran.

Materials, including but not limited to images, pdf files, audio files, videos, curriculum, interactive content, may not be reproduced by any means and may not be embedded, altered, copied, photographed or distributed anywhere outside of Academia Quran Portal without prior written permission from Academia Quran Administration.


Academia Quran’s Trademarks may not be used in connection with any other website or institution in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among people or in any manner that disparages or discredits Academia Quran.

Class Discussions

Each class has private discussions between the teacher and the student(s).

Discussions must be limited to the class subjects only.

Sharing private information in discussions is not allowed. In order to ensure that rules are maintained the lessons may be recorded for the purpose of review by the supervisor. Female supervisors will supervise female classes.

Discussing any topics outside of the course subject is not allowed.

Records & Archives

We strive to provide high quality education. In order to ensure this, some lessons may be recorded for review by the administration.

The recorded lessons are only for use by the administration/supervisors, so that we can check the quality of the classes and teachers regularly. Female supervisors will supervise female classes.

For quality purposes, supervisors may enter the classroom to observe the class. For female students, the supervisor will be a female.

The Students are not allowed to record the classes for any reason. This is to protect the privacy of the teachers.

Official Leaves

Academia Quran follows the Islamic Holidays only and strives to keep the Academy open year-round without many leaves, with the exception of weekly off on every Friday (Jumu’ah) and two significant holidays of EID that are observed by all Muslims around the globe including our teachers, staff, and all of our students. On these two EIDs i.e. Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha, the Academia will be closed for three days and five days, respectively. As the holiday approaches, exact dates will be announced by the Admin to all.

As is the case with any Educational Institution, the fee will not be exempted or refunded for these two holidays.


Kindly read The Official Privacy Policy click here

The privacy of each and every student is important to us. The administration will not share or sell any information about any student to any third parties.

The student policy is written with student’s privacy and safety in mind. Therefore, it is important for students to comply with this policy.

Students are responsible for updating the administration with any changes to their profile. This includes e-mail address, phone number, etc.

Students shall not share any personal information or social media account details (such as contact details, email, Skype, Facebook, etc.) with teachers or staff members, unless communicating through our admin.

Gifts To Teachers

Academia Quran understands that students would like to give gifts to their teachers on various occasions. We also recommend our students to give gifts to their teachers at least once a year on the occasion of EID. However, students sending gifts directly to teachers is against our rules and terms and conditions, and it will be considered a breach of rules and policies. Please read the policy below regarding gifts.

The gift amount shall be sent to Academia Quran and we will forward the respective amount to your teacher. Academia Quran accepts monetary gifts from students to their teachers which in turn will be given to the teacher with complete trust and Amaanah. Monetary gifts can be accepted with no monetary limit. As soon as the monetary gift is received by Academia Quran, our Accounts department will forward the gift to the specified teacher.

The student should specify the teacher's name for whom the gift is for. Students may also donate to the academy if they wish, which would help under privileged students to study Quran for free.

Issues & Complaints

Any complaints from our students are taken very seriously and will be addressed as soon as possible. Complaints will be acknowledged within 3 working days.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your course or teacher or have a specific feedback, please contact the Customer Support (admin@academiaquran.com) so that we can fix the problem as soon as possible in sha Allah.

Liability & Termination

Not following any of these Terms of Use, Academia Quran reserves the right, without notice and in its sole discretion, to terminate the student, the Services or any portion thereof, and to block or prevent in future your access to and use of the Sites or any of the Services.

Academia Quran holds no responsibility for consequences of neglecting our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Academia Quran is not responsible for any actions or comments by teachers. However, such issues will be taken seriously, and immediate action will be taken against the teacher for any wrong action or comments.

Failure to abide by these rules and procedures may result in consequences for the student.

Modifications To Terms Of Use

Academia Quran reserves the right to change any of the above policies at any time. If an issue arises that is not covered in the policies above, the administration will use their best discretion to provide an appropriate solution to the situation.

If we change or modify these Terms and Conditions, the changes will be posted to these Terms and Conditions on the website. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions to the website. Continued use of the website or services following the posting of changes or modifications will constitute and confirm your agreement to and acceptance of such changes or modifications. It is your responsibility to regularly check our website to determine if there have been any changes to these Terms and Conditions and to review such changes. If you do not agree to any of the modified Terms and Conditions then kindly contact and discuss with the Admin, or you must stop using the website and our services.


Any disputes arising during your study at this Institute/Academy are subject to final decision of the management of Academia Quran.

Help & Support

Any help, support, questions or comments with regards to the classes, teachers or general issues and feedback should be directed to the Admin at admin@academiaquran.com.

Queries regarding the Fees and payments should be directed to the Accounts Department at accounts@academiaquran.com

We strive to offer the best quality for your classes, therefore we look forward to your feedback, comments and suggestions and consider them important for providing Quality Education.

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